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 Glossary of Terms


Many military graves are inscribed with abbreviations that denote the unit of service, rank, medals, or other information on the military veteran.? Many may also be marked with bronze or stone plaques provided by the Veterans Administration.? This list includes some of the most common abbreviations.

Military Rank

AB - Airman Basic

ADM - Admiral

AQM - Assistant Quartermaster (US Civil War)
AQRS - Assistant Quartermaster Remount Service (US Civil War)

AVC - Aviation Cadet

A1C - Airman First Class

BBG - Brevet Brigadier General

BG - Brigadier General

BMG - Brevet Major General

CAPT - Captain

CCM - Command Master Sergeant

CDR - Commander

CDRE - Commodore, USN

CMS - Chief Master Sergeant

CMSAF - Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

CO - Commanding Officer

COL - Colonel

COX - Coxwain

CPL - Corporal

CPO - Chief Petty Officer

CSM - Command Sergeant Major

CSGT - Commissary Sergeant 

CWO - Chief Warrant Officer 

ENS - Ensign

FADM - Fleet Admiral

FLTO - Flight Officer

GEN - General

GS - Gunnery Sergeant

JA - Judge Advocate

LCPL - Lance Corporal

LT - Lieutenant

LTG - Lieutenant General

LCDR - Lieutenant Commander

1 LT - First Lieutenant (2 LT = Second Lieutenant , and so on)

LTC - Lieutenant Colonel

LTJG - Lieutenant Junior Grade

MAJ - Major

MCPO - Master Chief Petty Officer

MCPON - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy

MG - Major General

MGS - Master Gunnery Sergeant

MLC - Marine Lance Corporal

MSG - Master Sergeant

NCO - Non-commissioned Officer

OSGT - Ordinance Sergeant

PO 1CL - Petty Officer First Class (2CL = Second Class, and so on)

PVT - Private

PFC - Private First Class

PST - Platoon Sergeant

QM - Quartermaster

QMSGT - Quartermaster Sergeant

RADM - Rear Admiral

1SG - First Sergeant

SA - Seaman Apprentice

SCPO - Senior Chief Petty Officer

SFC - Sergeant First Class

SGT - Sergeant

SM - Sergeant Major

SMA - Sergeant Major of the Army

SMMC - Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

SMS - Senior Master Sergeant

SN - Seaman

S1C - Seaman First Class

SPC - Specialist

SPCO - Senior Chief Petty Officer

SR - Seaman Recruit

SRA - Senior Airman

SSGT - Staff Sergeant

TS - Technical Sergeant

VADM - Vice Admiral

WO - Warrant Officer


Military Unit & Branch of Service


AF or USAF - Air Force; United States Air Force

Art. - Artillery

AC or USA - Army Corps; United States Army

BRIG - Brigade

BTRY - Battery

Cav. - Cavalry

CSA - Confederate States of America

CT - Colored Troops; may precede the branch such as CTART for Colored Troops Artillery

Co. or COM - Company

DCLI - Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

DIV - Division

DLI - Durham Light Infantry

DNB - Died Non-battle

DOI - Died of Injuries

DOW - Died of Wounds

ENG or E&M - Engineer; Engineers/Miners

FA - Field Artillery

HA or HART - Heavy Artillery

HLI - Highland Light Infantry, Herefordshire Light Infantry

Inf. - Infantry

KOSB - The King's Own Scottish Borderers

KOYLI - The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

KSLI - The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

LA or LART - Light Artillery

MC - Medical Corps

MAR or USMC - Marines; United States Marine Corps

Mil. - Militia

NAVY or USN - Navy; United States Navy

NAT - North African Theater
NATO - North African Theater of Operations

OBLI - Ox and Bucks Light Infantry

QOCH - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Reg. - Regiment

RGLI - Royal Guernsey Light Infantry
RHF - Royal Highland Fusiliers
RJLI - Royal Jersey Light Infantry
RMLI - Royal Marine Light Infantry
RQM - Regimental Quartermaster (US Civil War)

RSF - The Royal Scots Fusiliers
SS - Sharpshooters (or sometimes Silver Star, see below)

SC - Signal Corps

TR - Troop

USA - United States Army

USAF - United States Air Force

USCG - United States Coast Guard

USCT - United States Colored Troops

USMC - United States Marine Corps

USMCWR - United States Marine Corps Women?s Reserve

USMM - United States Merchant Marines

USN - United States Navy

USV - United States Volunteers (US Civil War)

Vol., Vols. or USV - Volunteer; Volunteers; United States Volunteers

VRC - Veteran Reserve Corps (US Civil War)
VVI - Vermont Volunteer Infantry (US Civil War)

WAC - Women?s Army Corps

WAAC - Women?s Army Auxiliary Corps

WAF - Women in the Air Force

WAFS - Women?s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron

WASP - Women Airforce Service Pilots

WAVES - Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (Navy)


Military Service Medals & Awards

AM - Air Medal??????

ACM - Army Commendation Medal

BS or BSM - Bronze Star or Bronze Star Medal

CSC - Conspicuous Service Cross

DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross

LOM - Legion of Merit

MOH - Medal of Honor

PH - Purple Heart

SS or SSM - Silver Star or Silver Star Medal


These abbreviations generally follow another award to indicate superior achievement or multiple awards:


A - Achievement

V - Valor

OLC - Oak Leaf Cluster (generally follows another award to indicate multiple awards)


Military Groups & Veterans Organizations

AL - American Legion???????

AMVETS - American Veterans

APCWS - Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites

BAR - Brigade of the American Revolution

BAS - Buried at Sea

CVA - Confederate Veterans of America

DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution

DAV - Disabled American Veterans

DMWVI - Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

DVA - Department of Veterans Affairs

GAR - Grand Army of the Republic

GSW1812 - General Society of the War of 1812

LGAR - Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic

MOLLUS - Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
MOPH - Military Order of the Purple Heart

MOWW - Military Order of World Wars

NCWA - National Civil War Association (USA)

NOB - Naval Order of Battle
NOK - Next of Kin

OMM - Order of Military Merit
SAR - Sons of the American Revolution

SCV - Sons of Confederate Veterans
SDWA - Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge

SSAWV - Sons of Spanish American War Veterans

SUVCW - Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (USA)

TVC - Texas Veterans Commission

UCV - United Confederate Veterans

VA - Veteran?s Administration

VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars


Other Military Terms

Adm. Dis. - Administrative Discharge

AKA - Also Known As???????

Am. Rev. - American Revolution, American War for Independence

AOB - Air Order of Battle

Ar.Co. - Artillery Company

ASN - Army Serial Number

AWOL - Absent Without Leave

BCR - Battle Casualty Report

BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs

BLW - Bounty Land Warrant

Co. - Company

CW - Civil War

CWSS - Civil War Soldiers and Sailors

DED - Declared Dead

DES - Deserted

DIS - Discharge

Dsh. Dis. - Dis-honorable Discharge

do. - ditto, the same as the previous entry
DOB - Date of birth
DOD - Date of death

DOD - Department of Defense

DOE - Date of Enlistment

DOW - Died of Wounds

EM - Enlisted member

ETO - European Theater of Operations
EUS - Evacuated to the U.S.

FOD - Finding of Death

HDQRS - Headquarters

Hon. Dis. - Honorable Discharge

Ind.S.C. - Indian Survivor's Certificate

Ind.T. or Ind. Ter. - Indian Territory

Ind.W.C. - Indian Widow's Certificate

KIA - Killed in Action
KIPC - Killed in Plane Crash

KNB - Killed non-battle

ltm - liberated to marry

LWA - Lightly Wounded in Action

Med. Dis. - Medical Discharge

Mex.S.C. - Mexican Survivors' Certificate

Mex.W.C. - Mexican Widow's Certificate

M.I. - Mustered-In

MIA - Missing in Action

Mil or Milt - Military

MLW - Military Land Warrant

M.O. - Mustered-Out

NWC - Navy Widow's Certificate

OM - Organized Militia
POW - Prisoner of War

Pr. - Prisoner

Reg. - Regiment

Rev.War - Revolutionary War

RMC - Returned to Military Control

RTD - Returned to Duty

SO - Survivor's Originals

SOWD - Special Order War Department (US Civil War)

SWA - Seriously Wounded in Action

WD - War Department

Wd. - Ward or Widow

WO - Widow's Originals

WW - Widow

WW/o - Widow of

WWr - Widower

WW1 or WWI - World War I

WW2 or WWII - World War II

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